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Imagine a future where all children,
everywhere, are living in an environment
where they can thrive.

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The £5 Lottery Club

Local Events - January 9, 2017

Join The £5 Lottery Club today and change the lives of children overseas and in Guernsey. Your monthly £5 contribution will be put to hard work to see children growing up in an environment where...

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Jennifer’s Success

Success Stories - January 19, 2016

By the end of the first year, she had saved £80 - the largest amount of cash she had ever held in her hands. With it she bought a proper...

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Sinely’s Goats

Success Stories - November 27, 2015

Sinely Nyirongo is an amazing woman who has increased her household income through agricultural training. A little while ago, she received a male and female goat. She built a hyena proof house for the goats to ensure their safety. Using the goats’ manure as fertilizer...

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Malepula Masters Irrigation

Success Stories - November 3, 2015

Our friend Malepula is a happy man. After receiving agricultural training, seeds and equipment he is now irrigating his crops and is harvesting...

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Martha’s Successful Crops

Success Stories - November 2, 2015

Meet Martha, who is becoming a successful farmer. Together with her Hope for a Child savings and loans group, she is cooperatively farming and irrigating this land ...

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