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Imagine a future where all children,
everywhere, are living in an environment
where they can thrive.

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Your Impact

Project News - November 23, 2017

The ripple effect caused by your decision to be a part of the lottery is profound. Here are some details about what is happening with the proceeds, and how your involvement is changing the lives of children in Malawi and in Guernsey through 6 local charities.

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The Hunger Project News – July 2017

Project News - July 11, 2017

Poor rainfall in recent years and rising food prices is making life even more difficult for Malawi’s rural population. However, we’re hearing a different story from many families involved in our Hunger Project in central Malawi...

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Thank you from Lucy

Success Stories - April 18, 2017

Can you imagine life without clean water in, or anywhere near, your home? Needing to walk for an hour or more everyday, just to collect one bucket, the incredible weight of it, the strain on your body, day after day. I find it unbelievable...

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Jenna Built a House

Success Stories - April 12, 2017

Jenna used to have a husband. Unfortunately though, her marriage wasn’t a happy one. He was an alcoholic, and they lived in deep poverty. Life was unbearably hard. A few years ago Jenna took her children back to her home village in central Malawi. She had nothing when she arrived, and had no way to earn a living for herself and her 4 little ones.

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