What Happens To Your £50?

Here’s a note from our CEO, Tom Herring.

I’d like to personally say a massive ‘thank you!’ for buying a ticket for The Big Summer Lottery 2021.

In doing so, you are enabling us to run a fundraising event that provides a huge level of support to Hope for a Child, as well as other Guernsey charities benefiting children on our island.

Without you, the whole thing simply wouldn’t work! So thank you for that.

As you can imagine, there are costs involved in running a lottery of this scale, like 50 prizes, promotion and admin.

To cover these costs we use £18 from each ticket sold. This means an amazing £32 from every single ticket will provide life-changing funding to our supported charities*.

We use most of this to fund Hope for a Child, as we work with our in-country partners to deliver projects that help families living in extremely difficult circumstances in Malawi to thrive.

How exciting that Guernsey gets to be a part of that!

We also distribute some of the proceeds to charities who we believe in, who do amazing things for our children and young people here in Guernsey. Over the last 4 years the following charities in Guernsey have received support from The Big Summer Lottery – Action for Children, Autism Guernsey, Guernsey Arts Commission, Guernsey Sports Commission, Home-Start, and The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation.

Thank you so much for being part of something amazing.

Tom Herring


Hope for a Child

*If the anticipated number of tickets are sold – based on sales in previous years.