Widow Cares For 6 Grandchildren

Angom Rose is a member of Hakuna Kulala Vilage Savings & Loan Association in Uganda. She is a widow who cares for her 6 orphaned grandchildren by herself.

“Being the sole provider for my grandchildren has not been easy, given my age and having no husband, and I have to work so hard to provide for them.

For a long time I used a hand-hoe to grow crops, but was only able to produce just enough for us to eat, and had little extra to sell to receive some income. I had a dream of using an ox-plough to help me increase production, but this was a farfetched idea as there was nowhere to borrow the money I needed.

In May 2012 when I heard about the VSLA project in my area, I realized that my dream could be achieved if I saved and got a loan from the group. So I joined a savings group where, despite being amidst difficulties because of low income, I managed to save around 4000 Shillings [£1] every week.

After a while I was able to access a loan of 65,200 Shillings [£15], which I used it to buy two young bulls. I paid back the loan after my seasonal maize harvest. I later accessed another loan of 123,400 Shillings [£30], which I used to buy the ploughs. After training the bulls, I have been able to expand the area that I cultivate. I also rent the bulls out around the village, which earns me extra income.

I can now earn a good amount, especially in the planting season. This has greatly changed my livelihood because now I can provide for domestic needs, meet school costs and save money with much more ease than ever before. We now have plenty of food, part of which I sell off at a profit, and my family now has two complete meals a day – breakfast and supper. I now want to expand and diversify my business, and raise enough money to construct a good house for my grand children.”