Theatre for Change

Location: Lilongwe, central Malawi

In partnership with: Rhema Institute for Development

It is essential for men and women to have equality. If women are not allowed to make decisions at home and in their communities, not only are they unable to exercise their rights, but society majorly loses out too. Marginalising half of the population has dia consequences for economic and social development.

“Marginalising half of the population has dia consequences for economic and social development.”

To engage communities on the issue of gender equality, and challenge harmful perceptions and behaviour, we are using the medium of theatre.

A theatre group, who have received special training, regularly travel to project villages to perform.

The performances are fun and particularly engaging because they are participatory. Each is performed twice, and in the second run-through members of the audience are invited to step in, take on a character, and create a better outcome.


This helps to make community members think about how doing things differently can have major benefits for their welfare in the long term. For example helping men and women to understand that women have huge potential to contribute to household income if they wish to run a small business.

With men and women working together as equals, improvements in income are more likely to result in benefits for the whole household.