BSL first prize
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BSL first prize
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The power of agricultural training

Sikonda’s Story

Meet Mr Sikonda Chitsulo, a 38 year old a husband and a father to 4 children. He comes from Village Headman Katengeza in Katengeza area. He explained how vegetable production has improved through Katengeza clubs. He is one of the indirect beneficiaries who have benefited through the FOCCAD Agriculture extension services which includes promoting small scale vegetable production. He has been a vegetable farmer for a long time now yet he wasn’t able to realize more yields and profits due to lack of knowledge and support.

“When FOOCAD came this year to support farmers organisations with comprehensive agriculture extension services at Katengeza, “I was interested with the services on vegetable production as such I was shared vegetable seeds and bean seeds to plant in my 0.5 acre plot in dambos and I was also advised to plant different vegetables not only one, hence I planted Tomatoes, Rape, Mpiru,beans, maize and Egg plants.

Thereafter I was being visited frequently by the FOCCAD Agriculture Extension worker where I was being advised on the management of my Vegetables such as removing suckers from Tomatoes, observing field for pest and diseases, correct pesticieds to apply . Now I am able to see change in my farming as I have healthy crops and I am getting more Food to provide for my family than before in short I am the definition of a proud farmer.

With the money realized I have paid labourers at my Cassava Plot, I also used part of the money to buy household necesseties, I bought clothes for my children. I am planning to buy another bicycle as I also do Kabanza. I also plan to use the money to buy soya seeds and sell them and also to buy school materials for my chidren.Thanks to FOCCAD now I can see the benefits of farming and I am happy now considering that I am able to support my family by providing them with food and income.”

I have increased my income by 46%, For instance, now I have MK65,000 from selling Tomatoes which I have just started selling while previously I could only get MK20,000 after selling all of my tomatoes, I have MK22,000 from selling Mpiru, eggplant and Rape and I have MK18,000 from selling Beans while previously I could just get MK8,000 from selling Mpiru.

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