The Hunger Project

Location: Lilongwe & Dowa, central Malawi

In partnership with: Rhema Institute for Development

Over half of the families living in Malawi don’t have the basic things required for a safe and healthy life. Many people do not have food enough to eat, or enough money to buy medicines or send children to school.

We are helping 1,000 households to grow nutritious food and run businesses, so that they can stay healthy and afford to provide a nurturing environment for children to thrive.

We do this by:

  • Providing men, women & young people with access to basic financial services in the form of ‘village banks’. Having a safe place to save money and access loans means that with some advice, community members can become a lot more financially secure.
  • Providing training in business and agriculture, so that families can commercialise their farming activities, and invest savings and small loans to run profitable enterprises. This includes helping farmers to process and market their crops.

These women have been adding value to their produce, by making peanut butter and soya milk.
This is a Village Saving & Loan Association, which is collectively farming a piece of irrigated land. Together they can grow more and receive better prices for their produce.