Guernsey’s sell-out winning opportunity returns for 2023

The Big Summer Lottery 2023 draw has just taken place. Are you one of the 50 winners? The wait is over, here are the results.


On Friday 4th August at 18:00 in the Hope Store, 10-12 High Street, 50 winning numbers were drawn. Are you a winner?

Without further ado, here are the RESULTS of The Big Summer Lottery 2023. SNARE DRUM AT THE READY… ????

TOP PRIZE: £100,000

Winning number: 08000

2nd prize: Classic VW Campervan
or £30,000*

Winning number: 02142

3rd prize: Holiday of your choice
worth £10,000*

Winning number: 11461

4th prize: £5,000 cash

Winning number: 00491

5th prize: Electric Cargo Bike
Worth £4,000*

Winning number: 08030

6th prize: Mystery prize – Weekend for 2 in London inc. flights, hotel & £4,000 spending money
or £5,000 cash*

Winning numbers: 08130

7th prize: Luxury BBQ
worth £2,000*

Winning number: 04278

8th prize: Glamping at Fauxquets Valley Campsite
worth £1,000

Winning number: 00282

9th prizes:– iPhone 14 Pro x 5 or £1,000

Winning numbers: 05422, 11369, 12085, 00481, 01906

10th prizes: £1,000 Cash x 10

Winning numbers: 02863, 13155, 14705, 04906, 05655, 05455, 14774, 05180, 08334, 12046

11th prizes: £500 Cash x 17

Winning numbers: 13006, 05377, 06978, 06551, 07827, 06141, 13813, 05177, 05197, 12068, 06218, 00451, 01626, 08243, 03952, 07510, 00489

12th prizes: £400 Waitrose voucher x 10

Winning numbers: 13381, 01830, 06737, 05888, 14417, 04210, 06848, 14081, 08092, 02108

Congratulations Winners!

A huge congratulations to all of our prize winners. All winners will be contacted over the next few days.

*Cash alternative available for all prizes except Waitrose vouchers



The wait is over and the result is in.

Imagine a phone call to say you had won £5,000…

That would be a good moment!

Well, that’s exactly what just happened to the 1st Early Bird winner.

“Wow. I never win anything… Until now!”

Congratulations ???? to the owner of ticket number:



Perhaps the perfect Island-life adventure accessory — a kayak has just been won (or £1,000).

Congratulations to the owner of ticket number:


“Perfect timing! Our baby has just turned 3 months and is costing a lot, this will be a huge help. ☺️”

– 2nd Early Bird Winner

The Causes

The Big Summer Lottery is Hope for a Child’s biggest fundraising event of the year – it powers so much of what we are doing with families in Malawi. Thousands of very low income households are being enabled to stand on their own feet and meet their own needs because of your support.

See the 2022 Hope Report HERE (10 min read) or the latest Hope Mail HERE (3 min read).

We are also using some of the money raised through The Big Summer Lottery to support charities working with children in Guernsey.

100% of the profits from your ticket purchase will be used to enable families to flourish and young lives to be turned around.

To everyone involved, thank you for your support.

Here are the local causes that have benefited from The Big Summer Lottery in addition to Hope for a Child over the last 4 years:

Do you qualify?

Entry to The Big Summer Lottery is limited to people aged 18 or over, with a residential address within The Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Entering the lottery is not a guarantee that you will win a prize. Please do not spend money on tickets that you could not afford to donate to charitable causes.

Maximum 10 tickets per individual.



If you have any questions or need some help, call Hope for a Child on 727547, or email

If you feel that you or someone close to you needs support with a gambling problem, please seek help. GamCare provides free information, advice and support for anyone affected by a gambling problem.

Promoter: Tom Herring.
Hope for a Child, 3rd Floor, 39/41 High Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2JT
Private lottery permit number 09/2023.