The 5th Anniversary Edition

The Big Summer Lottery 2021 draw has just taken place! Are you one of the 50 winners? Take a look at the results below:

All prizes have been claimed.

Thank you to everyone for taking part and making this event such a huge success!


On Friday 30th July at 17:15 in 45 The Pollet, 50 winning numbers were drawn. Are you a winner?

Without further ado, here are the RESULTS of The Big Summer Lottery 2021. SNARE DRUM AT THE READY… ????

TOP PRIZE: £125,000

Winning number: 10536

Second prize: Audi Q2
(or cash alternative of £25,000)

Winning number: 08472

Third prize: £10,000 cash

Winning number: 01475

Fourth prize: Electric bicycle of your choice worth £2,500
(or cash alternative)

Winning number: 12172

Fifth prize: £2,500 for a Holiday or Staycation of your choice
(or cash alternative)

Winning number: 06895

Sixth prizes: 5 x £1,000 iQ vouchers
(or cash alternative)

Winning numbers: 02705, 00993, 07471, 06641, 00236

Seventh prize: Dyson 11v Outsize
(or cash alternative of £650)

Winning number: 08709

Runners up prizes: £500 cash (x24)

Winning numbers: 09576, 01411, 02040, 00325, 11750, 06935, 12962, 02372, 01081, 03841, 11284, 02664, 11358, 10315, 00517, 01669, 09405, 10803, 08484, 03271, 01981, 01009, 03040, 07936

Runners up prizes: £300 cash (x15)

Winning numbers: 12111, 12971, 02107, 09386, 07064, 12650, 03178, 10698, 06980, 07969, 07428, 01163, 00563, 06517, 03650


Physical tickets were printed with an extra ‘0’ at the start of the number. Please ignore it. For example a ticket with number ‘001234’ would be ‘01234’.

Congratulations Winners!

A huge congratulations to all of our prize winners. All the prizes have been claimed.

The Causes

The Big Summer Lottery is Hope for a Child’s biggest fundraising event of the year – it powers so much of what we are doing with families in Malawi. Thousands of very low income households are being enabled to stand on their own feet and meet their own needs because of your support.

We are also using some of the money raised through The Big Summer Lottery to support charities working with children in Guernsey.

100% of the profits from your ticket purchase will be used to enable families to flourish and young lives to be turned around.

Whether you are an old hand or this is your first Big Summer Lottery draw, we want to say a huge thank you for your support.

Here are the local causes that have benefited from The Big Summer Lottery in addition to Hope for a Child over the last 4 years:


If you have any questions or need some help, call Hope for a Child on 727547, or email

If you feel that you or someone close to you needs support with a gambling problem, please seek help. GamCare provides free information, advice and support for anyone affected by a gambling problem.

Promoter: Tom Herring.
Hope for a Child, 1 Pier Steps, St. Peter Port, GY1 2LF
Private lottery permit number 5/2021.