Thank you from Lucy

Can you imagine life without clean water in, or anywhere near, your home? Needing to walk for an hour or more everyday, just to collect one bucket, the incredible weight of it, the strain on your body, day after day. I find it unbelievable that we share a world with millions of families for whom this is still the case.

One of the ways we support communities in rural Malawi is to help them access clean water. One of the wells we constructed last year with your support, with our partner Rhema, is now the last in the area – other water sources have stopped functioning. As a result this one shallow well is now the only source of water for around 1,500 people. Without this well the situation would be far more more severe.

Here’s Lucy drawing from the well. She’d like to thank you for your help.

To enable us to help people like Lucy access clean water, a great way is to enter The Big Summer Lottery! You can read more and buy tickets online here.