Tailoring Business Expanding

Mrs. Kaudha Justine lives in Iganga District in Uganda. She is married with five children out of whom three are at school. Before joining a savings & loan association she had great difficulty getting loans when an emergency arose. Her sole income was from a tailoring business, which is seasonal as she only gets customers for school uniforms at the start of term and also during Christmas eve.

She has completed 2 9-month savings cycles. In the first, she saved £150, which she used to pay school fees for her children and to buy tailoring materials. In the second cycle, she managed to save £450, which she used to start a small shop. The shop is next door to where she does her tailoring, so can run the two businesses herself.

These businesses mean that Mrs Kaudha has a steady income, helping her to run the family (since her husband has no reliable source of income) and save more money. Mrs Kaudha says that her savings association can easily help people to raise capital and access loans easily.