Soap, Batteries and Cooking Oil

Mrs. Vipichi and her husband Mr Vipichi joined Chisangalalo VSLA group in February, 2013. Mr and Mrs Vipichi are able to give testimony of how this group has so far transformed the family’s life.

A grocery business is the first tangible fruit which has come out of this VSLA group. From the loans she was getting from this group, Mrs Vipichi decided to start a grocery business. She sells washing soap, radio batteries and cooking oil in plastic tubes.


Furthermore, Mrs Vipichi has been using loans from her group to boost her husband’s carpentry business. These loans have helped a lot in buying timber and nails for carpentry business. Mr Vipichi is now able to make beds and chairs and creates a good amount of income from this business which helps the family to meet most of its basic needs. One bed costs about £25. This is enough money to pay school fees for a Malawian student at a government secondary school for the whole academic year.


Mr and Mrs Vipichi have also managed to construct a brick fenced house which is partially roofed with iron sheets. The family is also rearing pigs. These pigs are both a source of income and food. For instance a fully grown up pig costs about £50.

Having registered these successes since Mrs. Vipichi joined Chisangalalo VSLA group, Mr and Mrs Vipichi dream of completing roofing the house with iron sheets. There are also future plans to scale up the family’s businesses namely pig farming, carpentry and grocery.