Real Financial Stability

I want to thank you for your huge support over the past 12 months.

This year, joy and hope has been brought into the homes of some of the poorest families in the world.

And do you know what?

Do you know the really exciting part?

It’s all because of you.

Yes you.

Without people like you taking part in our events, none of it could have happened.

Together we’ve created opportunities for mums, dads and carers to go from surviving on next to nothing in extremely difficult conditions, to generating stable incomes.

Yes, real financial stability.

Not just momentary relief. These men and women now have the skills and opportunities needed to provide for their families long into the future.

They are learning how to consistently meet the basic needs of their children.

Take Kondwani for example. Here he is standing proud next to his new business venture, with his daughter Rosemary.

This entrepreneur is a keen participant in our Hunger Project in central Malawi. He’s been learning about business and agriculture, and is very successful in putting it into practice.

This year he decided to start fish farming. He used a loan from his Hope for a Child Village Bank to hire 3 labourers to help him dig a pond. Then he hitched a lift into town and came home with 1,500 juvenile fish.

After 3 months of feeding and caring for them, he started to sell the fish in his village in bundles of 5 for about 25p each – that’s good money where he lives.

Now he has one more sustainable source of income.

And not only that – he’s providing a desperately needed source of protein to his community.

This is what we’ll be doing with the money raised this year through The £5 Lottery Club & The Big Summer Lottery – giving a leg up to more families like Kondwani’s.


Making more of this possible

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