BSL first prize
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BSL first prize
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Raising up role models

Derina’s Story

Meet Derina Mbuna, a 32 yearsold woman, a wife and a mother of 3 chidren. She comes from Kaulungu Village in Mpamantha and she is a member of Kaulungu farmers club VSL. Through VSL’s she has managed to open a shop where she is selling groceries which is helping her to support her family.

“When sessions on business management were provided to my VSL group by FOCCAD, I started my business by getting a loan of MK4, 000 which I invested in vegetable business specifically mustard and Tomato. When I sold first I made a profit of MK12, 000 which I started to buy grocery items for my shop then I had not constructed this building I was selling them in a bench. I did this for a period of three months then I managed to build my own shop”.

She is able to manage her business and the way her business is growing no one can easily believe her story. She is a role model to other member of her VSL group “I am growing big now, am able to get huge loans from my VSL group to support my business and now I am active in all activities in my group. I will not stop here I am still planning in expanding my shop” said Mrs. Mbuna.”

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