Out Of Despair Grew Something Remarkable

A story of transformation

Meet Chiyenda, who is a member of one of our Village Banks in Malawi. This is the inspiring story of how he managed to turn an incredibly difficult situation around, resulting in transformation for his family.

“My life before I was a member of a Village Bank was miserable.

My family did not have land for farming. We did not have food or clothes and I could not afford to buy school things for my children. I was so desperate because I felt that I had nowhere to start in improving our welfare.

In 2015, as part of The Hunger Project I became a member of Mkuyu Village Bank, and started saving a little money every week. We also received training in how to choose and run a small business, based on the opportunities available to us.

After 1 year I had saved 114,400 MWK [1,000 MWK is just over £1]. I used the money to rent a field in a wetland area, and buy tomato seed and fertilizer.

The tomatoes grew well, and after harvesting the first crop, I took it to the Friday market near my home and sold it for 175,000 MWK. I used some of the money to buy eight bags of maize to feed my family. I used the rest to buy cement to build my house.

Over the next year I did the same, using my savings to make nearly as much money from farming tomatoes again, despite some insects attacking the crop. I used the money I made to buy trusses to put a roof on my house.

My business gives me with resources to provide for my family – I am a happy man now, because I can fully support them. My wife has been very helpful – she sometimes comes into the field to work with me.

The Hunger Project has really changed my life. I have been able to construct a more comfortable, safer house than the one we previously had.

My family is now able to have two meals a day, unlike in the past where we used to go for days without a proper meal.”

– Chiyenda, Hope for a Child Village Bank Member in Malawi

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