Mount Kilimanjaro 2016

Took place: 16th – 26th June 2016

This adventure to summit the highest free-standing mountain in the world promised to mark our lives forever. Rest assured, she did not disappoint. Towering 5,895 meters into the atmosphere, Mount Kilimanjaro dwarfs her surroundings like a Lego landscape. This was an experience never to be forgotten.

Take a look at the outline of the trip:

  • Began our climb on the Rongai route from Nale Moru at 1950m, on a small path through attractive forest that is home to the Colobus monkey
  • Ascended up to the ‘second cave’ at 3450m with superb views of Kibo and the Eastern ice fields on the crater rim
  • Rewarding views and a sense of wilderness whilst acclimatising at 4330m
  • Crossed the lunar desert to reach camp at the bottom of the Kibo crater wall and rest in preparation for the final ascent to the summit.
  • Trekked slowly in the darkness before enjoying the spectacular sunrise, making our round trip to Uhuru Peak at 5895m and celebrating our success of reaching the summit of the highest free-standing mountain in the world!

Thank you Emily Wild for leading this trip so excellently.