Micro Dairy Farm

Mrs Magalwa lives in Iganga, Uganda with her husband and 12 children – 9 of whom go to school. In 2012 she joined a Hope for a Child saving & loan association with an aim to save enough to buy a cow and start a business selling milk. Her friend showed her that this was a viable plan and would not be too difficult to manage. On completing her first 9 month savings cycle, she received her savings back, of over £80. After borrowing an extra £25 from the association she had enough to buy the cow.

She is currently getting 10 litres of milk each day, of which she sells 8 and keeps 2 for household use. She says that now she is guaranteed some income every day, and is more able to provide household items like food, salt, sugar and soap. She says that her savings association stops people being lazy, as each member is required to save at least a little every week, and it is heart-breaking not being able to meet this commitment.