Sole Breadwinner for 6 Children

How this young lady saved 6 children with a barrel, a sheep and some grain

When we first met Zeliya (in the turquoise top), she was caring for her 6 orphaned nephews and nieces, as well as her elderly parents, all by herself. Her father is blind.

She was up against immense challenges as the sole breadwinner of the household, with very few earning opportunities available to her.

Imagine what that must be like… having so many dependent on you, with so few resources available!

Our amazing community trainers came alongside Zeliya, and helped her to access a source of small loans and a place to save money. They taught her how to invest small amounts in business activities, to make a good living.

Zeliya decided to take out a loan of £30, and buy a pregnant sheep, a barrel and some grain.

Here’s how she used them to transform her circumstances around.

The ewe gave birth, and she sold one of the lambs for £40. She still has the ewe and a lamb – like cash in the bank she could sell them any time to meet an immediate need.

In the barrel, she started to produce a popular local drink, using the grain. She is selling it and earning a good profit.

“I am now very happy with life”

Zeliya can now afford to meet the basic needs of the 6 children within her care, including school fees, uniforms and books. She even rents a second house, where the older children stay near their secondary school so that they don’t have to travel a large distance every day.

‘I am now very happy with life, since I’m able to support my brother’s orphaned children, especially with their education’, says Zeliya. ‘If they continue their schooling, they will reach their dreams’.

Women in Zeliya’s neighbourhood now come to here for advice, and she tells them how they can improve their livelihoods.

Zeliyas next plan is to buy a cow – a highly valuable asset, which will be a great safety net for her family.


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