BSL first prize
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BSL first prize
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Encouragement for a challenging time

Navigating COVID-19

I want to offer encouragement to you and your household during this challenging time. Things are extremely difficult right now for many in Guernsey and all over the world. Yet, I do believe this is a moment of extraordinary opportunity.

I am hopeful.

This time will pass, and we will come out stronger and more full of purpose than ever before – if we can keep looking for and nurturing the good that can come out of testing times.

For me, I want to look back on this period as a time when my marriage got stronger, my children had more fun-filled family time than ever before, and when I took the opportunity to invest in myself, learning new things in the areas that interest me.

This is also a time to let generosity to flow. There are people in all of our lives, to whom a phone call, some kind words in a message, or even a good old fashioned letter, would mean the world to. Let’s look after each other.

Fear is a far more dangerous and infectious than any virus. I want to encourage you – don’t give into it. Don’t allow it to dominate your world – our future is bright!

How do we do that?

I believe serious consideration of this question is key during this time:

What are your plans to flourish in this season of adversity?

To your health, peace and prosperity,