BSL first prize
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BSL first prize
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Improve soil quality—improve your life

Mwayiwathu Farmers Club

These ladies are among the 15 members of Mwayiwathu farmers club, who have a passion to transform life for their families through agriculture.

With our local partner, we have been using funds raised through The Big Sumer Lottery to help many clubs like theirs to increase production through training in conservation agriculture. For example, growing peanuts and cowpeas improves soil quality without the use of chemicals, while providing nutritious food for their families.

When you are dependent on the land for your livelihood, the quality of your soil is everything.

Their harvests are improving dramatically, boosting family welfare. The produce is shared between the members — some is eaten and some sold in the market, providing an additional income source.

One More Thing

We’re so thankful for all you do to support us on this journey.

If you would like to get involved, or want to do a little more, here are 2 great ways that you can help us:

1) If you are not already a member of The £5 Lottery Club, sign up today! Contribute from just £5 a month, for the chance to win 100 cash prizes, including £1,000 every single month!

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2) Make a one-off donation. Visit our giving page HERE. Even a small amount makes a big difference.

Thank you for being a world changer.