BSL first prize
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BSL first prize
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Access to Safe Water

Margret’s Story

This year we are constructing 5 boreholes in villages in Malawi where there is currently extremely limited access to safe water, as well as providing education in sanitation and hygiene and constructing safe toilets for girls in schools.

3 boreholes have been constructed so far, and the impact on the communities is enormous.

Meet Margret. Until recently she had to wake early each day, to negotiate a dangerous walk through the bush into a steep ravine to collect water from a spring.

Most of her time was spent making this journey, to the closest source of water to her home.

Finally arriving at the water source, Margret would then spend a long time waiting for the water, since the whole village was relying on this one source.

Today Margret is singing a new song of joy. She doesn’t know how to express her gratitude.

The distance from her house to the new borehole is about 1 Kilometre. She comes to draw water anytime she likes because she is assured that the water will be available and safe.


One More Thing

We’re so thankful for all you do to support us on this journey.

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