Sinely’s Goats

Sinely Nyirongo is an amazing woman who has increased her household income through agricultural training. A little while ago, she received a male and female goat. She built a hyena proof house for the goats to ensure their safety. Using the goats’ manure as fertilizer, the goats have enabled her to receive better crop yields.

This is resulting in improved income, and she is more able to meet the needs of the four orphans that she has taken into her home, and an elderly lady who she is looking after.

The goats have had one kid so far, and as their numbers multiply, the offspring are a great source of security. They can easily be exchanged for cash to meet emergency needs like a medical bill, or to pay for school fees. All of the four children in her care are currently attending school.

Sinely is an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things in her community. By partnering with her and others like her, we are able to have a positive effect in these communities. Working together we are making these extraordinary things happen.