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The Big Summer Lottery 2018

Local Events - February 20, 2018

Following the phenomenal success of last years event, The Big Summer Lottery is back and it's even bigger than ever before...

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It’s All Working Together

Success Stories - January 9, 2018

Meet Benson Nqumayo. Here he is with his beautiful children and one of their new goat kids, at their home in Kasangani - a village a couple of hours drive from...

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Beyond Primary School

Success Stories - January 5, 2018

Are your children back to school today? Did you have to wrestle them out the door, or were they pretty keen to get back to their friends? In a few days..

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The £5 Lottery Club

Local Events - December 20, 2017

Join The £5 Lottery Club today and change the lives of children overseas and in Guernsey. Your monthly £5 contribution will be put to hard work to see children growing up in an environment where...

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Thank You

Project News - December 19, 2017

What pressies are your children hoping to find in their stockings this year? For children in Kalenga Madzi Village in Malawi, this is a very special Christmas...

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