The Big Summer Lottery 2022

Friends, together over the last 5 years we have raised over £1.5m for Hope for a Child projects in Malawi plus other important local children’s causes, through The Big Summer Lottery.

This significant achievement has been powered by the belief that all children should and can live free from extreme poverty.

Practically to us this means access to 3 nutritious meals per day, clean water and sanitation facilities as well as primary level education for all. Advancement in Malawi has been considerable, with the efforts of Guernsey residents—with your efforts—touching hundreds of thousands of young lives.

Here we are again, with an opportunity before us that can and will shift the landscape of extreme poverty. As I type, The Big Summer Lottery 2022 is gathering force like an incoming storm—promising to be the most exciting and rewarding event in it’s 6 year history.

Thank you for your input. The results of the survey will be out very soon. The results had a clear winner that I’m sure everyone will be excited to have the chance to win it this summer. (We understand that we don’t all have access to charging points. Not to worry—a cash alternative will be available for all prizes.)

Many thanks 🙂