A Glimpse Of The Future...

We see a future where every child is living in an environment that is free from extreme poverty, in which they can thrive.

It’s is a big vision. Too big? Some say so.

We are a Guernsey-based organisation, converting your generous support into tangible improvements for children living in poverty. This is what we’ve given ourselves to.

We don’t pretend to know all the answers or have all the solutions, but there is one thing we do know for sure:

Things cannot stay as they are.

For us, doing nothing is simply not an option.

Children still risking their lives every time they take a drink? Little ones still going to bed in flimsy shelters on an empty stomach… still, in our time?

It is desperately unacceptable, and we’re giving everything to see this kind of crushing poverty gone for good, on our watch.

We believe every child should be born into an environment where they can thrive. We also believe this is possible.

We have tried a lot of things over the last 10 years. We’ve had ups and downs, made some mistakes and seen many successes.

There is a lot of Hope

We’ve refined our approach and the solutions that we’ve adopted have been tried and tested.

We are seeing them change the lives of thousands of children in east Africa – real, measurable transformation is happening in the lives of some of the lowest income families in the world.

Standing on the wisdom gained over the last decade, we have a clear view of the next 10 years, and this is our simple dream.

By 2028, children throughout Malawi will experience:

  • Zero Hunger
  • 100% Access to Clean Water and Adequate Sanitation Facilities
  • 100% Primary School Enrolment

We’re not as big as some organisations. But one thing we are is committed, and most importantly, what we are doing is working.

Thank you for believing in us, and partnering with us to see the world made better for children.

On a Mission

We pursue this dream by collaborating with small, local development organisations in Malawi, in southeastern Africa, to identify and address the biggest challenges for children in the communities in which they work.

Why Malawi? We have a belief that when one nation is transformed, the impact on surrounding countries is vast. Our mission over the next 10 years is that Malawi would become an example to other countries, offering answers and support to those struggling with similar issues.


Our Approach

Our projects centre around 4 key areas, which are in line with the UN Sustainable Development goals, and priorities identified by the government of Malawi.

Our projects centre around 4 key areas:

  • Livelihoods & Economic Empowerment
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Education
  • Gender Equality


We Value

Our values influence the way we do everything, from working with our partners in Africa, to fundraising in Guernsey, to making the coffee.

Compassion is the root of everything we do.
Together we can do exponentially more. What we can achieve in partnership is far greater than what we could ever hope to achieve apart.
Honour looks like encouraging, forgiving and promoting others.
Honesty means being open and transparent with ourselves, each other and you.
Thankfulness for even the small things keeps us joyful.
Innovation is how we move forward.
Courage is required to change and see change.



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