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In 2020 we generated income via two main sources: The Big Summer Lottery and The £5 Lottery Club.

After paying direct costs associated with running our lotteries, like prizes (we handed out £199,908 in winnings!) and admin, our income in 2020 totalled £413,058.

Over the year our charitable spending totalled £347,600.

Here is a breakdown of that spending:

A note on salaires

There are a range of views on how a charity should direct its resources. Traditionally some charities have been run primarily by volunteers donating their time, which is still held by some as the best approach.

For a number of reasons this is not the model followed by Hope for a Child. We believe that to create great and lasting impact, it is essential to have a dedicated, qualified and experienced team in place, who are able to give the best of their time to producing world-changing results.

In our view, the only way to consistently achieve this is by paying staff fair wages based on industry standards. As a result, we pay salaries to a small part-time team (of 5 people in 2022) in Guernsey, who oversee our projects in Malawi, run our fundraising events and administer the charity. We also fund salaries in Malawi, because training is a critical component of our approach—it is only through education and mentoring that we are able to help people realise their potential.


2007 – 2020

Between 2007 when Hope for a Child was born, and the end of 2020, we spent £1,441,693 on charitable activities in developing countries, as well as supporting charities working with children in Guernsey.

The following are 10 Guernsey charities benefitting local children and families that we have had the privilege of supporting, past and present:

Action for Children
Autism Guernsey
Every Child Our Future
Friends of Frosard Children’s’ Ward
Guernsey Arts Commission
Guernsey Sports Commission
Home Start
Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation
The Hub
The Saumarez Park Playground Appeal