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Our Business Model

Hope for a Child is a Charitable Company. We operate a lot like any other company, except our profits do not benefit shareholders. All income after costs is used to further our aims for children affected by poverty.

Our governance structure helps to ensure all funds are well managed, spent as intended and conflicts of interest are managed.

100% of donations go straight to Malawi

Our model enables us to use 100% of all donations on their intended purpose in Malawi.

We rarely solicit donations. When we do it is normally to help with an emergency situation like Storm Freddy, which caused devastation in Malawi in 2023. In these circumstances 100% of the funds received go straight to Malawi.

If anyone wishes to make a donation, they should use the giving link found on the front page of our website, 100% of which will be spent on poverty alleviation.

We regularly receive grant funding from the Guernsey Overseas Aid & Development Commission, to which the same applies — 100% of those funds are spent on long-term poverty alleviation in Malawi.

How do we raise funds?

We generate most of our income by providing goods and services to the public. We run The Big Summer Lottery, The £5 Lottery Club and Hope Store as a way of providing fun and rewarding ways for people to support our work while receiving something in return — the chance to win a prize or take home a product from our store.

Participants in these initiates should understand that by taking part, they are not making a donation. A portion of their payment will contribute towards running the initiative and covering some core costs of the organisation.

For example we distribute over £200,000 in prizes each year, purchase goods from Malawi, Ethiopia and elsewhere for Hope Store, pay salaries and rent premises. After these costs there are significant amounts remaining to further our aims for children in Malawi. We are able to achieve an enormous amount because of the involvement of the public in these initiatives.


We believe that to create lasting impact, dedicated and qualified staff are an essential component. In our experience, the only way to consistently achieve this is by paying staff properly, so they are able to give their full attention to producing world-changing results. As a result, we pay salaries to a part-time team in Guernsey (6 people in 2023), who oversee our projects in Malawi, run our business initiatives and administer the company.

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In 2020 we generated income via two main sources: The Big Summer Lottery and The £5 Lottery Club.

After paying direct costs associated with running our lotteries, like prizes (we handed out £199,908 in winnings!) and admin, our income in 2020 totalled £413,058.

Over the year our charitable spending totalled £347,600.

Here is a breakdown of that spending:



2007 – 2020

Between 2007 when Hope for a Child was born, and the end of 2020, we spent £1,441,693 on charitable activities in developing countries, as well as supporting charities working with children in Guernsey.

The following are 10 Guernsey charities benefitting local children and families that we have had the privilege of supporting, past and present:

Action for Children
Autism Guernsey
Every Child Our Future
Friends of Frosard Children’s’ Ward
Guernsey Arts Commission
Guernsey Sports Commission
Home Start
Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation
The Hub
The Saumarez Park Playground Appeal